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Bronx Bound Books

Bronx Bound Books is a community bookshop and bookmobile in the Bronx. Bronx Bound Books services the Bronx and beyond - including surrounding New York City areas. Bronx Bound Books is an independent bookstore in New York City. Bronx Bound Books has a mission of making book ownership accessible and focusing on literacy and diverse narratives to the Bronx community and beyond.

"Empowering Bronx Communities Through Accessible Book Ownership"


In the heart of New York City's vibrant Bronx, a unique initiative is lighting the path to literacy and empowerment. Bronx Bound Books, a pioneering bookmobile and community bookshop, is revolutionizing the way residents access and engage with books. Founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to the worlds contained within books, we're dedicated to making book ownership accessible to all ages in the Bronx and beyond.

The Need for Books in the Bronx:

The departure of major bookstore chains has left a void in the Bronx, creating a literary desert in areas already underserved in educational resources. Bronx Bound Books is stepping in to fill this gap, bringing a diverse array of books directly to the community, focusing on culturally relevant and age-appropriate selections for children and adults alike.

The Magic of the Bookmobile:

Our bookmobile is more than just a mobile library; it's a gateway to new possibilities. By visiting schools, community centers, and local events, we're not only providing access to books but also fostering a love for reading. We tailor our selection to reflect the rich diversity of our community, ensuring everyone finds a story that resonates with them.

Engaging the Community:

Bronx Bound Books is committed to more than just book distribution. We organize author events, educational partnerships, and workshops that bring people together, creating a space for shared learning and growth. Our initiatives encourage community members to explore new genres, engage with authors, and participate in activities that promote literacy and lifelong learning.

The Impact of Your Support:

Every book donated, every volunteer hour, and every partnership formed helps us extend our reach and deepen our impact. By supporting Bronx Bound Books, you're investing in a future where every child and adult in the Bronx has the tools they need to write their own success stories.


As we continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities of increasing book access in the Bronx, we invite you to join us on this journey. Whether through donating books, volunteering your time, or simply spreading the word, your support makes a world of difference. Together, we can ensure that the love of reading and the power of books are accessible to everyone in our community.

Call to Action:

Ready to make a difference? Visit our website to learn how you can support our mission, donate books, or volunteer with Bronx Bound Books. Together, we can turn the page to a brighter future for the Bronx.

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